South African prom dresses

African prom dresses , Many tips are given on choosing the best designer prom dress for complete body shape, but the color is something that is often overlooked. However, to look really beautiful for Prom, it is essential to choose a dress with colors that complement your skin tone. Here is a guide to choose the color.
 African prom dresses
Complexions are often grouped into four distinct types, and named each season; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

spring skin

shades of gold, white or creamy peach skin belong to this type of complexion. In addition to these characteristics, people with a spring complexion may also have blue or green eyes, red hair the color of straw or strawberry and sometimes freckles. This is better integrated with colors and warm tones like golden brown, golden yellow, camel or fishing. The best designer prom dress for you should have a majority of these colors.

Summer Skin

African prom dresses , People with pale skin is pink with blue or pink shades belong to this category. A girl usually have naturally blond hair, although brown with light colored eyes are also this kind of complexion. Pastel colors and natural tones perfectly complement the summer complexion. Try colors like lavender and other shades of blue, pink or plum brown. Avoid colors of clashes like orange or black.

fall Complexion

Autumn is a time of golden highlights. Autumn skin tones are red and brown to light brown eyes. Choose a dress that has every color with golden shades such as beige, camel, orange and brown. Blue tone should be avoided.

Winter Skin

This complexion skin with blue or pink shades and is usually white, pale yellowish olive or dark. This skin type is applied to the majority of Americans of Asian and African origin. The colors that complement are sharp and clear, like pink and blue iridescent white, black, red, dark blue. If these are too strong and want something softer, you do not choose pastels instead go for icy shades like gray blue ice and steel. You should avoid colors like orange, beige, gold and all subdued color.

If you’re still not sure which of the four categories you belong to, go talk to a professional makeup stylist. It ‘s’ work to learn all about shades and skin tone and what colors are best for a particular person.

Feel free to put together two different color combinations. Remember that when you do this, the two colors must belong to the same part of the color wheel so they complement each other or to be at opposite ends and offer a complete contrast.

When mixing colors African prom dresses, it’s best to do it on the dress itself; you should avoid mixing colors when the color is just the dress and the other is that, for example, shoes; even if the color match can still look pretty jarring.


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